KAPE Pacific 720

Flatwater outrigger canoe

  • Length

    720 cm
  • Width

    42 cm
  • Stability level

  • Weight (incl. iakos & ama)

    Standard+: 26 kg / Super: 23 kg / Extra: 22 kg / Premium: 23 kg
    (Specified weights are valid for standard fittings. They are approximate and may vary by ± 5% due to manual production.)
  • Cockpit size

    106 x 38 cm

Slim, low volume flat water sit-in Va'a boat with high seat position for the Paracanoe discipline in V1 boat class. Also suitable for training of dragon boat athletes.

Features & fittings


Racing seat provides high center of gravity, good position & allows good posture and paddling technique.

Seat options are:

  • (Low back) racing seat with the most popular shape in the market,
  • High-back racing seat for athletes looking for a better grip on the back

Pedal steering

Foot pedal is for precise & responsive steering, even during intensive leg driving. With pedal steering, you can apply steering at any point of the paddle stroke cycle without losing momentum. The pedal steering also has our easy-to-adjust spring sliding system, perfect for club use to regularly adjust the pedal distance.

Reaching under the pedal you can find two thumb nuts at the bottom of the fixing frame - they are to secure the pedal position. Don't forget to realease them before adjusting the pedal distance by the spring slider.

In non-STANDARD constructions, the pedal is covered with EVA traction pad for non-slip and increased comfort & equipped with adjustable foot strap to add more power to paddle strokes through leg drive.

However our spring sliding footrest system provides high adjustability, let us know if the boat is for a much shorter or taller paddler (approx. under 170 cm or over 185 cm). Then the complete pedal system will be moved more forward or backward during the construction of the canoe.


    The canoe is equipped with a responsive plastic understern rudder as standard. It provivides excellent tracking and easy steering but is exposed to imact damages of both the rudder blade and the boat hull.

    However choosing the durable stainless "marathon" rudder will slightly decrease the response of steering, it minimise weed pick-up that is often a must for summer paddling in still water.

    Bulkheads, compartment & deckfittings

      Rear and front bulkheads are installed as standard.

      A bulkhead (partition) is an upright wall within boat separating watertight compartments so that the capsized boat does not sink. The divided area (compartment) behind the rear bulkhead may be also for cargo storage.

      A small (d: 10 cm) hatch is placed in the rear bulkhead, mainly to let the rear compartment to dry when not in use and to ventilate the stored boat. Through this, smaller objects (eg. key and water bottle) can be placed in the rear compartment.

      Some cargo can be loaded to the rear compartment through a somewhat bigger hatch on the rear bulkhead. The bulkhead size and shape of this particular model let us to install a hatch there with a diameter up to 15 cm.

      A rear compartment divider can be installed 40 cm behind the rear bulkhead to prevent the cargo slipping to the stern.

      Bungee cord or a bungee net can be installed on the rear deck - usually right behind the cockpit.

      Carry handles can be installed to help moving canoe to and from the water.

      Note that above described not standard fittings results in extra weight!

      To let us meet the preferences of a wide range of paddlers we offer multiple constructions to choose from. These constructions are set up in line with the requirements of each segment of the recreational market - from clubs & hobbyists to top-ranking athletes - while providing the most favourable quality and price conditions for that specific group of users.

      More about constructions

      Constructions differ in the materials and technologies used during the manufacturing process. These determine the stiffness, the weight and the interior appearance of the boat. In practice, an upper construction results a stiffer, more lightweight & spectacular boat, but it requires more caution during use

      Besides, the standard and available fittings may be also different in some constructions. These are listed at the "Fittings" section of this article.

      • STANDARD+

        Basic construction of this model for hobby & recreational use. Long life, easy to maintain and repair. A no frills offer for the budget-conscious who are just looking for a reliable canoe.

        ease of handling
        easy to repair
        heavy weight
        flexible hull

        Single skin:
        woven fiberglass and choppend strand mat

        Carbon-kevlar reinforcement

        Polyester resin

        Hand lay-up



      • SUPER

        More rigid and lighter sandwich cored boats with hibrid reinforcement and advanced manufacturing technologies. Carbon-kevlar reinforcement offers a good trade-off between reduced weight, improved stiffness and impact resistance.
        For long distance river paddling & for experienced paddlers in extreme conditions.

        stiff hull
        lighter weight
        clear carbon-kevlar hull
        moderately fragile
        limited repairability

        Sandwich core material

        Carbon-kevlar reinforcement
        (clear surface available)

        Vinyl ester resin

        Vacuum bagging



      • EXTRA

        More rigid, lighter and good looking sandwich cored boats with carbon reinforcement and advanced manufacturing technologies to reduce weight and improve stiffness. For sports & active recreation, mainly for flat water.

        stiff hull
        lighter weight
        clear carbon sufaces
        more fragile
        limited repairability

        Sandwich core material

        Carbon reinforcement
        (clear surface available)

        Vinyl ester resin

        Vacuum bagging



      • ULTRA

        High performance carbon construction with outstanding stiffness. Recommended for competitors, athletes and true paddling enthusiasts.

        ultra stiff hull
        lighter weight
        clear carbon sufaces
        less fragile

        Foam core material

        Double carbon reinforcement
        (Clear surface available)

        Epoxy-vinyl ester resin

        Vacuum bagging



      Design & colour customisation

      All boats are made to order. You can choose your preferred colour(s) of the hull, the deck, the trim (seam between deck & hull), the cockpit rim (coaming) and the seat.

      RAL 1001
      RAL 1001 "Beige"
      RAL 1016
      RAL 1016 "Sulfur yellow"
      RAL 1018
      RAL 1018 "Zinc yellow"
      RAL 1023
      RAL 1023 "Traffic yellow"
      RAL 2003
      RAL 2003 "Pastel orange"
      RAL 2004
      RAL 2004 "Pure orange"
      "KAPE red"
      RAL 3003
      RAL 3003 "Ruby red"
      RAL 3020
      RAL 3020 "Traffic red"
      RAL 3027
      RAL 3027 "Raspberry red"
      RAL 4003
      RAL 4003 "Heather violet"
      RAL 4004
      RAL 4004 "Claret violet"
      RAL 4005
      RAL 4005 "Blue lilac"
      RAL 4006
      RAL 4006 "Traffic purple"
      RAL 4008
      RAL 4008 "Signal violet"
      RAL 4010
      RAL 4010 "Telemagenta"
      RAL 5002
      RAL 5002 "Ultramarine blue"
      RAL 5003
      RAL 5003 "Sapphire blue"
      RAL 5005
      RAL 5005 "Signal blue"
      RAL 5010
      RAL 5010 "Gentian blue"
      RAL 5012
      RAL 5012 "Light blue
      RAL 5013
      RAL 5013 "Cobalt blue
      RAL 5015
      RAL 5015 "Sky blue
      RAL 5017
      RAL 5017 "Traffic blue
      RAL 5018
      RAL 5018 "Turquoise blue"
      RAL 5021
      RAL 5021 "Water blue"
      RAL 5023
      RAL 5023 "Distant blue"
      RAL 6001
      RAL 6001 "Emerald green"
      RAL 6018
      RAL 6018 "Yellow green"
      RAL 6019
      RAL 6019 "Pastel green"
      RAL 6026
      RAL 6026 "Opal green"
      RAL 6029
      RAL 6029 "Mint green"
      RAL 6034
      RAL 6034 "Pastel turquoise"
      RAL 7001
      RAL 7001 "Silver grey"
      RAL 7004
      RAL 7004 "Signal grey"
      RAL 7016
      RAL 7016 "Anthracite grey"
      RAL 7024
      RAL 7024 "Graphite grey"
      RAL 7033
      RAL 7033 "Cement grey"
      RAL 7037
      RAL 7037 "Dusty grey"
      RAL 7047
      RAL 7047 "Telegrey 4"
      RAL 9010
      RAL 9010 "Pure white"
      RAL 9017
      RAL 9017 "Traffic black"
      Clear carbon (limited availability)
      Clear carbon (limited availability)
      Clear carbon-kevlar (limited availability)
      Clear carbon-kevlar (limited availability)

      Tips & more about the available colours

      Think carefully about choosing black and dark colours!

      Such boats warm up more & they become matt very soon. Scratches and limescale are also much more visible on these surfaces.

      Less is more:

      We recommend picking only two, maximum three colours for a coherent boat design.

      More is more:

      (Because of the overlapping gelcoat layers) more colours results in more weight.

      Availability of clear (transparent) surfaces:

      Clear carbon seat & cockpit rim are available in EXTRA & ULTRA constructions.

      Clear carbon hull is available in EXTRA & ULTRA constructions.
      (Bow & stern of the clear carbon boat hulls are black gradient)

      Clear carbon-kevlar hull is available in SUPER construction.
      (Bow & stern of the clear carbon-kevlar boat hulls are colored)

      RAL colors CANNOT be displayed entirely proper on computer screens. The color depends on your monitor and printer. Therefore the exact shade of the product may be different than seen here! Please use these color samples as a reference only! We recommend you to see a physical and official RAL color guide to be sure of the correct color.

      Front & rear bulkheads are installed as standard. Any of them can be left on request.

      Standard Choice

      Racing Seat
      Foot Pedal
      Velcro Foot Strap
      Traction Pad for Foot Pedals
      Racing Rudder

      Available at no extra charge

      High Back Racing Seat
      Medium Stainless "Marathon" Rudder
      Large Stainless "Marathon" Rudder
      Number Holder

      Available for extra charge

      Buckle Foot Strap
      Spare Part: Plastic or Stainless "Marathon" Rudder
      Bigger (15 cm) rear bulkhead hatch
      Rear compartment divider
      Bungee cord on aft deck
      Bungee net on aft deck
      Carry handles
      Stickers (monochrome, die-cut decal)

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